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Spurensuche im Mauerland

The book explores the history of a unique part of the Berlin
Wall: Built in 1928, the former workshop building located on the
Flutgraben channel in the Treptow borough of Berlin – today
an artist-studio-space – used to belong to a bus and truck repair
facility in the GDR era. With the help of archive documents and
eyewitness interviews the authors uncover the traces the GDR
border system left on this site between 1961 and 1989. The
book thus provides a comprehensive view of the conditions and
occurences in East Berlin’s „Mauerland“, a military border zone
in the midst of the city, which was inaccessible for most people.
Christine Brecht / Elke Kimmel / Svenja Moor
Spurensuche im Mauerland.
Ein Grenzbetrieb am Berliner Flutgraben
Berlin: Jaron Verlag 2009. Softcover,
96 pp.,approx. 50 ill.
ISBN: 978-3-89773-622-1

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